One is One novel by Adrew James Greig

One is One


What connects a man lost to himself and to time, a London detective investigating how a dancer vanished from sight under the watchful gaze of CCTV and a young woman’s search for the truth of her parents’ disappearance on an Orkney island? The answer is found on the Scottish island of Rum, where myth and murder meet a mismatched cast of characters who find more than they ever expected.

This novel unravels a mystery, a story where historical fact and mythology are interwoven across the wilder parts of Scotland and Iceland - where thin places accept alternate realities. Available in Kindle and Paperback.

Beowulf meets Moorcock meets Rankin. How do you describe a novel that flows across so many genres weaving a dance of mixed beats across them all. Murder, mystery and mythology give a potent blend of tension and confusion. It's a whodunit where the answer is less important than the motive and not until the end do you really understand. Really? The vocabulary shows a pleasure in word craft with the revival of many words I thought were dead. I particularly liked the use of "eldritch" which I haven't heard for 173 years. PeteB


I found this a fascinating book - it took me some time to get into it but once I did, it was compelling reading. Very good pace and I enjoyed the geographical detail. Amazon Customer


A promising new voice in crime fiction. Beautifully well-written intelligent prose. Paul Chalmers


If you like a thriller with some mystery and magic this is a must read. Not my normal first choice but eagerly look forward to Andrew’s next book. Amazon Customer


This book has everything I could have wanted: a murder mystery, fantastical mythology and lush descriptions of Scottish islands and Icelandic scenery. It melds plotlines together in the most compelling way, keeping the tension up and the answers tantalisingly just out of reach until the climax. The writing is poetic, evocative and intelligent, while the story is one of the most unique I've ever read. A highly enjoyable read that I still cannot stop thinking about. Very much looking forward to more! Beth


 Many are the books which invoke the thin places between universes, sprinkled around our fair Earth, but very few live up to their promise as well as this one. (reviewed for Readers' Favorite) Dan Kalin




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