One is One book Andrew James Greig
One is One

What connects a man lost to himself and to time, a London detective investigating how a dancer vanished from sight under the watchful gaze of CCTV and a young woman’s search for the truth of her parents’ disappearance on an Orkney island? The answer is found on the Scottish island of Rum, where myth and murder meet a mismatched cast of characters who find more than they ever expected.
This novel unravels a mystery, a story where historical fact and mythology are interwoven across the wilder parts of Scotland and Iceland - where thin places accept alternate realities. 

100 Favourite Ceilidh Dances


This is a simple and concise guide to 100 Ceilidh (or Barn) dances. -! put this collection together in the hope it will encourage more people to enjoy dancing. There's a little history and anecdotal comment attached to each dance for added interest. If there are any dances you'd like to see added, or perhaps put into a 2nd volume - please get in touch!

I hope you enjoy this collection, and perhaps finding some new dances to keep your feet active on the dance floor.


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